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Live Up Bosu Ball

Live Up Bosu Ball

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🔹The Bosu Balance Ball is an extreme gadget for adjust, center strength and body mindfulness preparing.
🔹It is an adaptable bit of gear that can be utilized for everything from cardio to restoration to yoga.
🔹With the ball side up, you can stand, squat, sit or utilize it simply like you would a stage for heart stimulating exercise, the distinction is your body needs to continually move and contract to remain adjusted.
🔹This blazes more calories, as well as improves coordination and adjust.
🔹Turn it over and you can utilize it as a seat (for quality preparing), push-ups or simply sitting on it to test your adjust.
🔹The BOSU Balance Ball focuses on the center muscles of your body – those muscles around your stomach and back zone helping you to pick up quality, trim and tone as well as to facilitate your whole body.

🔹Accessories: 2 handles, 1 pump
🔹Maximum load: 150 kg
🔹Material: PVC
🔹Height: 28 cm
🔹Base width approx: 58 cm
🔹Super tough material