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8mm TPE Yoga Mat

8mm TPE Yoga Mat

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🔹Comes with carrier strap inside
Eco friendly material
🔹Water resistant
🔹Extremely durable
🔹No strong odor
🔹Closed-cell material
🔹Non-Slip Grip
🔹Light weight 
🔹183 x 61cm

TPE is amazingly lightweight and offers soft yet firm support to the users and nicely patterned surfaces, which provide excellent traction on the mat. The most fitting description of TPE mats is cushy. Yoga practiced on a TPE mat feels like practicing on a soft cloud in the sky.

It is a material that has the same recyclable properties as plastic, with the added advantage of being as elastic as rubber. As such, the product offers the best of both worlds in terms of both comfort for users and safety for the planet as a whole. As an added benefit, TPE requires very little additives in order for it to be useful in the production of things like yoga mats, which makes them a lot safer. It also means less energy has to be used in the creation of TPE products, once again protecting the environment as a whole.

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